Tool manufacturing

A perfect product can only be produced from a perfect tooling.

Hensim’s experienced and skilled tooling team is committed to building high-quality production toolings not only for our in-house molding but as well for overseas injection molders located all over the world.

High precision molds, Over-molds, Insert molds, Two-shot molds, Automatic unscrewing molds and Hot runner molds are just to name some of our tooling team’s expertise.

We understand that time to market is the essence of any project. Over the past years, our management team has spent highest attention to enhancing our efficiency and quality in order to complete projects in the quickest possible timeframe.

Fast facts

  • Capable of manufacturing 400 molds annually
  • Workforce of 80 employees
  • 20 CAD/CAM Engineers, 10 Project Engineers
  • Maximum mold weight 10 tonnes
  • Molds to fit 30 Ton to 1200 Ton Injection press.

With well experienced engineering team, in-house trained tool makers and state-of-the-art machinery, Hensim is capable of making molds with competitive price, efficient lead time and superior quality that you need.

Mold manufacture equipment list
Name Type X,Y,Z axis travel (mm) Speed (min/rpm) Brand Qty
CNC H-1270B 1200*700*700 8000/10000 Japan MITSUBISHI 1
CNC H-850B 800*500*500 8000/10000 Japan MITSUBISHI 3
HIGH SPEED CNC DX-650 600*500*250 24000 China DEMI 2
CNC NCV560AM 560*410*450 12,000 (15,000) Taiwang YMC 1
CNC NXV1020AM 1,020*520*540 12,000 (15,000) Taiwang YMC 1
CNC BF-1613V 1,300*700*700 10000 China BF 1
CNC VMC1580 1500*800*700 8000 Japan MITSUBISHI 1
HIGH SPEED CNC SNC54 900*550*450 20000 Japan MAKINO 1
Mirror EDM BHT45 450*350*300 / China JPS 2
Mirror EDM A30 300*300*200 / Japan Sodic 1
EDM ED-50 500*400*200 / Taiwang Topma 4
Two head EDM CNC-1250 600*500*300 / China SANDY 1
Two head EDM AM140R 850*700*700 / China Mirrordick 1
Precision Grinder HF-618SA 450*150*350-400 3600 China WP 6
Milling machine FTM-S4 700*410*400 5440 China 8
Total 34

Mold designing

Our Mold design team’s capabilities are:

Perform DFM (Design for Manufacturability) analysis to ensure tooling and production friendly designs. After customer feedback on the DFM analysis reports, related modifications are made on the part design for clients' approvals prior to start of tool manufacturing.

Perform Mold Flow analysis to gain insights into the Injection molding process (filling, cooling ,warping,and weld line and injection point) for achieving the most optimized mold design.

Our vast experience gives us the advantage for customized design to meet every client's specific needs. We are well-versed in using hot runner system and standard components from globally renowned brands like:

  • Moldbase: Hasco/DME/Meusburger/Misumi etc.
  • Hot runner: Yudo/Husky/INCOE/SYNVENTIVE etc.
  • Oil cylinder: AHP MERKLE/HPS/Parker etc.

Project management

For each project, we will be very careful and arrange one project engineer to manage it from the very beginning design stage to mold and part final approval. We have a wonderful project management team, who owns strong engineering background and good English communication, this helps your project goes smoothly and well under control. Project manager always take care of every detail, and give you good suggestion to get better and easier tooling. Any problem happen, our professional project manager will stand by to solve the problem together with you, to find the best solution, that's very helpful.

Our company always do our best to control your project at every progress:

  • Cost Control
  • Design Control
  • Engineering and Manufacturing Control
  • Time Control
  • Quality Control

Project flow chart:

Quality assurance

All activities performed at Hensim each division are ISO9001:2015 &ISO14001:2015 &ISO 13485:2016 certified. Hensim quality management system is designed to assure superior quality and service.